Here you can find answers to all most commonly asked questions.
In case you have any other specific questions, feel free to contact us anytime. Our customer service is ready to assist you 24/7.


Questions related to the software

1. Why does your software is cheaper then the original software?
That's all because we offer only copies of license versions.
This mean that you will not receive any printed documents (license or instruction) - just files and instruction in notepad's format, any special packages and will not be able to register this software online. All updates (for most of the software) are available for you. The software that we sell is bought primarily at the auctions and from the companies that have run out of business.

2. Is your software full and not upgrade versions? Do you sell upgrade software? Will I need to have any previous version of product? We sell ONLY FULL versions and we criticize all upgrade software. You will not need any previous versions of the order. And in case you have already installed any other versions (previous ones or upgrades) you are to REMOVE them completely before installing our versions to avoid conflicts between the versions. You are not just uninstall but clear the Registry (for PC software) for the corresponding entries.

3. Can I have updates from the manufacturers' websites?
In many occasions the answer is positive unless it is restricted in the Instruction to a definite software.
(you can ask our Support team about exceptions).

4. What is the language of software?
Standard, English. (You can ask our Support team for exceptions)

5. Can you send me a CD with software?
We don't sell any CD's and we will NOT send any CD in any case.

6. Is your software only for home users and on how many computers can I use my purchase?
Yes. Practically all our software is for home use only and you can use your software only for 1 computer. Please, leave an enquiry through the questionnaire form on our website to find out more about this.

Questions related with the billing

1. When will I receive the details about how to download and what is my link with login details? In other words – what should I get?
You will receive a letter with all the details after 24 hours (max) since you've made an order.
Please, be attentive with the order page: don't close order page without saving your access details. The reason why we recommend you to save details is a risk of not receiving confirmation email because of the spam filters of your email account. Please, contact our support department if you haven't received your order details after 24h.
You will receive all necessary directions and `keys` for getting into your personal download area where you can see all information about your order and software instructions. Please, also pay attention to the instruction in pictures together with the link to download your order.

2. Is your site is secure?
Yes, all your details are stored safely in our base with our anti-hack system compiled by our technical managers. This concerns the billing information as well.

3.What currency are your prices in?
our store can charge only US dollars.

4. Does your price contain only software's cost?
No. It also contains additional fixed price for processing (about 4 US dollars).

5. Which credit card you access?
At the moment we accept Visa and Master Card. No other payment options possible!

6. Where are my download instructions? I see that I have been charged but I haven't received anything from you!
Please contact our support team about your problem and you will receive a letter with all directions as soon as possible. Moreover, please, verify that your bank account has been actually charged. This is a requirement as sometimes we do not accept transactions that we or our billing agency considers to be fraud or unreliable.

Questions related to the downloading process

1. How much time do I have for downloading?
You will be able to use your account to access the Download Area for one month after you have made the transaction.
Be careful with your personal data! We are not responsible for your further actions that might result in the loss of of your personal data on your computer.

2. I have problems with downloading - can't finish download / received an error ` file corrupted ` or anything else.
First of all check the number of bytes of the file you've downloaded with the one in your download area as probably there was a bad connection or speed problems while downloading and you need to download it once again. We do recommend using File Download managers like Reget, Flashget, Download Master or other.
Check link `Problems with download? in your member area. It's a link that directs you to a free download manager that can help you with downloading.

3. What is the format of your files?
All software is well packed into small archives. Format – RAR or ZIP. To open then you just need to have a WinRar or another program associated with rar and zip files. In archives you can see 'exe' or 'dmg' files ( Windows and MAC installation files ) , instructions in txt format ( open them in a standard notepad ), ISO files ( image of software CD copy ) . Such files are for burning CD/DVD. Many software archives are divided into several parts and in order to extract all the parts properly uou must download all the parts of the archive and place them into one folder whereas you launch the executable (exe) part. The further process is automatic: all the parts are connected and extracted at once.
NOTE! You must extract ALL the files from the archive, NOT launch the executable file within the archive, otherwise it may result in corruption or other errors.

4. Can I download software one more time if I experienced problems with my computer?
We will activate your account area after receiving your request with explanation of your problem.

5. Can I stop my download and start again?
Yes you can stop/start your download in any time.

Questions related to the install process

1. I have received a message `the file is corrupted` (or something else)
This is a problem with a download. Please check title `Questions related to the downloading process` in F.A.Q.

2. What should I do about the activation?
Please, check your instructions - everything is written there. Or you can also see screenshots in your download area or in your archive. Special directions are mentioned there about the activation process. Most of the software doesn't require any activation or this is done manually offline strictly according to the instruction provided.

3. F.A.Q. can't help me, I have downloaded everything according to the instructions and can't install software properly. What should I do?
Please, contact our Support team and tell them about your problem. Make screenshots of your problem if it possible. Everything would be done for you. Also you can leave a ticket with your problem from your download area. You will get the solution as soon as possible.

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