User Agreement

Thanks for choosing our on-line Software Store! Before you place an order, please, read all the terms. Thanks!

Important Information about This Legal Contract:
1.1 This Sale agreement is a contract between a customer and the on-line software store.
By making a purchase You confirm that:
1.1.1 The Customer have read all terms and conditions presented to him while purchasing;
1.1.2 The Customer accepts all information is true that was filled while ordering;
1.1.3 The Customer confirms that he/she is able to download software;
1.1.4 The Customer have read and learned the software requirements and its compatibility with his/her computer as well as with the OS;
1.1.5 The Customer has basic computer knowledge of how to use and download the software he/she ordered;
1.2 All terms and conditions of this agreement can change without further notice, except the terms presented on the site at the moment of making a purchase.

Information about software and other important issues:
2.1 All software products that we sell are downloadable only;
2.2 You will be able to download software from special download area which will be created after a successful order;
2.3 The software we sell is packed into archives which contain FULL BACKUP COPIES of original licensed software which have .rar or .zip format ( to open them You need to have a WinRar or WinZip );
2.4 The software is in the English language only!
2.5 Software can't be registered on-line due to the definite limitations;
2.6 You won't be able to receive any printed license confirmation;
2.7 You will never receive any CD/DVD, we neither sell cd`s nor ship them;
2.8 Some software include ISO files ( iso - CD image ) . You need to burn this type of files on CD/DVD and start a setup from a CD. You will get all directions for burning CDs/DVDs;
2.9 You preserve the right on exchanging the software (no more than 2 times) provided that you have already asked for help and the problem with the purchase has not been solved by the Support team.
2.10 You will be able to use your account to access the Download Area for one month after you have made the transaction.
Be careful with your personal data! We are not responsible for your further actions that might result in the loss of of your personal data on your computer.

Privacy policy:
3.1 Our company takes full responsibility of a client's personal information protection. Our company doesn't sell and doesn't give any private information to third parties. The only reason for using Client's information is connected with the trouble-shooting process: placing an order, refunding, exchanging and supporting;
3.2 You are required to own an original copy of the title you intend to backup, if you sell or give away the original copy, you will either, (A) Destroy that backup or (B) Give the backup to the person receiving the original. This restriction applies to PC and MAC.

Terms of Service:
4.1 Our store reserves the right to refuse selling or providing service to anyone without any additional explanation.

Delivery of Software purchased in our Store:
5.1 The Client will receive an email notification (after a successful order) which contains
all the necessary directions on how to get to the download area, how to get software downloaded and get it activated;
5.2 The order will be processed and the access to the customer's area will be given within 1 hour or less after the order has been placed. If you do not receive the confirmation email within 24 hours after order placement, you should contact us and the Store will resend it to you if the transaction has not been declined by the billing agency. If your order has been unsuccessful – no money will be deducted from your Bank account.

Additional fees:
6.1 The transaction fee (about 4 US dollars) will be added to the order amount.

Solving problems with software / contact info:
7.1 Please browse through the FAQ section for an answer before writing to our Support team;
7.2 If you cannot find an answer in the FAQ, please leave a ticket (which contains only Your problem) with the type of question (preferable method) or contact us by phone (you can see the contact information on the Store’s main page) or write to us using contact form. You can do this from your download area (About how to get to your download area, please, read 5.1-2 terms section)
7.3 Support will only be provided if we do have a successful order proof.

Moneyback policy:
8.1. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your product during the first 60 days after the purchase, simply contact our customer service team to solve your problem (how to get help from the support team, please, read 7.1-2);

Refund can be issued in these cases:
- You have problems with installation and they can't be solved by Support team during a long period of time;
- software can't be downloaded due to technical problems;
- You don't need software ( only in case if the software hasn't been downloaded )
- software doesn't work properly ( You must make an image where we can see problem ) and it couldn't be solved by the Support team;
- other reasons which are can't be handled by our Support team;
- if the same software has been ordered more than one time.

8.2 Refund can be processed within one week ( this is a minimal time ). As you know to transfer money between the banks takes time, so be patient;
8.3 After having received a refund you must delete all software and files you received from our Store and our support team;
8.4 Refund will only be issued if we are provided with invoice you have got after a successful order.

Refund won’t be issued in the following cases:
- Client's computer doesn't support software that he ordered or doesn't meet the minimal requirements ( please see point 1.1.1 );
- Partial refunds are impossible due to the billing peculiarities;
- The user is unable to understand, install and utilize the software because of the lack of knowledge of the basic computer skills;
- You don't need software ( if software has already been downloaded )

Chargeback Policy:
9.1 Chargebacks are not good neither for you nor for our Store because in this case you will lose 10% of your money and your credit card's fraud rate will increase which in its turn results in inability to make other purchases online. That's why its simpler to make all the disputes together with our Support team and resolve them in a timely manner;
9.2 It is your responsibility to fill in a real, working e-mail address for all communications with the Support team and our Store;
9.3 If chargeback was made by you, our Store needs to perform the following:
- If fraud is suspected, we report the case to the FBI Internet Fraud Complaint Center and BBB;
- Initialize legal proceedings against you to recover the order amount, plus the compensation.

Best Regards and Thanks

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